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"Fitness Fuzion"?

For thousands of years, people have used yoga to center themselves both mentally and physically. Although it's gained a mystical stigma today that causes people to think only of contorting their bodies into unimaginable positions, it remains one of the most effective ways to improve balance, coordination, body awareness, flexibility, strength, and many other important areas of fitness. More modern practices have started to focus heavily on dynamic exercises (exercises that involve rapid movement) but have lost sight of many of the things that yoga still holds dear. The Fuzion between "old" yoga and "modern" dynamic exercises produces very well rounded workouts that are naturally customized to each participant and that incorporate all the best elements of thousands of years of fitness training. Sounds cool right? That's because it is!


Wait, There's No Equipment?!

Many people want to know why we've structured the Fitness Fuzion program to include no equipment. The reality is that machines are designed to isolate muscles and, therefore, movement. Since the goal of the Fitness Fuzion program is to get you in a general state of well rounded health, we believe the best way to achieve this is by using your body as a unit. The body is not comprised of "abs" and "arms" and "legs"'s a unit! This simple truth is what inspires our dedication to body weight exercises that force "full body" participation. Though we still rotate muscle groups with our workouts (this is still important), the nature of body weight exercises forces you to use all kinds of other muscles that will aid in your fitness progression. Read more about this on our site!


Redefining Fitness

Most people define what they want to look like based on what someone else looks like. Whether it's a friend, a relative, or a movie star, their ultimate fitness goal is to alter the image of their body to fit the image of another person's body. Consequently, they base their entire workout routine around getting the body of their dreams. While that's not a horrible goal, we have a slightly different approach. Here at Fitness Fuzion, however, we see things a bit differently. We believe that everyone looks a little different and that that's perfectly okay! There's no sense in trying to look like someone you're not, the important thing is that you...well, look like yourself! Our theory is that if you're in good shape, you'll look like what YOU should look like when you're in good shape. Simple enough.


In Fitness and In Health

It's very easy to make an unconscious separation of fitness, nutrition, and health. In reality, however, all of the many functions of the body are inseparably connected (in ways that nobody can fully understand - even with all our fancy technology)! This means that fitness and nutrition are equally important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It also follows that all the areas of fitness are important to develop - not just strength or endurance. (There's actually 10 about them on our site!) So, why is being healthy important you ask? Okay well hopefully you don't actually have to ask, but if you were to ask us, we just think the world would be a much better place if everyone was a little healthier!